Landscapes of France
Roseman has created an impressive oeuvre of landscape paintings and drawings in France.
     Roseman's art affirms that he is both a man of the city, with a passionate interest in the performing arts, exemplified by his drawings on the dance at the Paris Opéra, and a man of the country, with a deep feeling for nature, eloquently expressed in his landscape paintings and drawings.
     In the late 1990's, the artist began making excursions into the French countryside to paint and draw, and over the following years, he dedicated a large part of his work to landscapes.
     The artist writes in his journal, "I love the city but I also love the countryside, and I am deeply grateful for the inspiration that both the city and the country have provided me for my work.''
     Fields and Woodlands in Winter, 2006, (fig. 2, below), expresses the grandeur of nature in its winter slumber. The painting is luminous with snow-covered fields that recede far into the distance and the golden light of an animated sky rendered with fluent brushstrokes.
     Roseman painted this superb landscape with a palette of earth colors to depict the trees and shrubs in steep decline in the left foreground and the woods in the right, middle distance. Fine brushwork, tonal passages, and stipples of paint describe the dormant vegetation on the wintry terrain. Slender birches add vertical, white accents to the umbers, siennas, and maroons of the woods. A broad, sweeping S-curve of creamy white pigment tinted with warm and cool colors carries the viewer's eye over the snow covered fields to the distant horizon.
Pines on a Wintry Day, 2009
Oil on canvas, 50 x 60 cm
Collection of the artist
     Roseman painted and drew landscapes of France in different regions and throughout the four seasons. Pines on a Wintry Day, 2009, presented above, evokes the calm after a snowfall. The forest floor is a blanket of white, and snowy, lace-like patterns adorn the boughs of majestic pines. The artist's fine, detailed rendering of the pines is complemented by broad, blended brushstrokes depicting freshly fallen snow on the ground. A thinly, veiled sky, with passages of light blues and ochres, casts an even illumination in this beautiful winter landscape.
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Stanley Roseman "Pines on a Wintry Day," 2009, oil on canvas, Collection of the artist.  Stanley Roseman
Stanley Roseman "Fields and Woodlands in Winter," 2006, oil on canvas, Private collection, France.  Stanley Roseman
     At his easel in the French countryside, Roseman painted the panoramic Winter Landscape in Lorraine, 2008, presented below, (fig. 4). Under a vast sky of gray-blue, pale-magenta, and light ochre, a grove of tall, slender trees stands on a snowy plot in a plowed field. The artist has rendered in fine detail the grove with its filigree of bare branches set against the variegated hues of winter.
3. Stanley Roseman at his easel in a snowy field in the French countryside, 2007. The artist is seated under a wide umbrella, which protects the canvas from potential snow flurries on a cold, overcast day. Roseman's working method is to cover the back of the canvas with a sheet of protective cardboard. The artist is wearing  a workman's apron and woolen gloves without finger tips, a winter clothing accessory called "mitaines" in French. Placed on the crossbars of his portable easel, his paint box serves as a worktable.
     Roseman writes in his journal: "Spring, summer, and fall can be very pleasant times of the year to be at my easel or with my drawing book on a grassy hillside or in some secluded valley. But when the North Wind brings ever colder days, I willingly endure the cold for the inspiration that also comes from painting and drawing en plein air in winter.''
En Plein Air  
4. Winter Landscape in Lorraine, 2008
Oil on canvas, 35 x 76 cm
Private collection, Virginia
Stanley Roseman at his easel in a snowy field in the French countryside, 2007.  Photo by Ronald Davis
Landscape painting by Stanley Roseman , "Winter Landscape in Lorraine," 2008, oil on canvas, Private collection, Virginia.  Stanley Roseman
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5. The Source, a Winter Landscape, 2008
Oil on canvas, 50  x 74 cm
Private collection, Pennsylvania
     Roseman's impressive composition juxtaposes horizontal bands of varying darks and lights. The plowed field in the foreground, rendered in rich, earth colors of burnt sienna and burnt umber, extends the breadth of the canvas. Receding into pictorial space in the left middle distance are dense woods of gray-greens and browns. In striking contrast is the expanse of snowy pastureland painted with sweeping brushstrokes of creamy-white pigment. Gray-green forests and more snowy fields in the far distance line the horizon. The magnificent painting conveys both a sense of stillness on the land and movement in the iridescent, wintry sky.
     Winter again inspired Roseman for the equally magnificent painting The Source, a Winter Landscape, 2008, (fig. 5, below). In this dramatic composition with an expanse of rising, snow-covered terrain, the source flows out from a hillside and, continuing along the bottom of the hill, becomes a brook that boldly divides the lower half of the picture plane. Tall, slender trees, their bare branches forming fan-like patterns, stand parallel to one another on both sides of the source in the middle distance and bring prominent, vertical elements to the composition.
     Roseman has created an excellent mise en page with the placement of the source in the near center of the painting. The snowy embankment starkly defines the edges of the brook as it widens and flows towards the viewer. The slender tree trunks are reflected in the rippling water effectively rendered in dark browns, cerulean blue, viridian, ochre, and magenta.
     Roseman's landscapes are a synthesis of the artist's direct observation of nature and his intense feelings and personal expression in the creative process.
Landscape painting by Stanley Roseman , "The Source, a Winter Landscape," 2008, oil on canvas, Private collection, Pennsylvania.  Stanley Roseman
     The artist combines warm and cool tints of white in brushing in the snowy ground. The leitmotif of tall, slender trees is repeated in the line of trees that extend across the canvas and over the hill and the woods receding farther into the distance. Complementing the strong lights and darks of the terrain, the artist has rendered the sky in transparent passages of blue-gray and light ochre in this impressive winter landscape.
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2. Fields and Woodlands in Winter, 2006
Oil on canvas, 50  x 60 cm
Private collection, France